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Why Whizz It

Carve the Carbs!  Toasting your Bagel Whizz bagel creates a whole new culinary experience. Fill it with rich Omega-3 salmon, or even super-food avocado.  You get to have that wonderful bagel and even more.

The Bagel Whizz products use a simple logic, remove some of the bagel and still make it now a tasty lower-glycemic snack, and still have that awesome flavor!

Use the Whizz products to supplement the successful weight-loss programs that are helping America get healthy and get active. Use the Bagel Whizz to create your own, low-carb creation and make your foods even more nutritious, healthy, and flavorful.

The Bagel Whizz!  

Have the Bagel, Lose the Waist.
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Low-Carb Ideas

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